Monday, 23 January 2012

Where my heart is

For what it's worth this blog will be a tribute to my love of all things vintage. Call it all what ya'll want: retro, kitsch, vintage, nostalgia, antiques, collectables, paraphernalia - I want it. Anything 50's, 60's, 70's, one of a kind, rare, beautiful, feminine or odd - I just gotta have it.

I guess my love of old wares stems from childhood. Skipping along with my mum, little white Cain basket in hand  ready to tackle the antique shops and thrift stores of Brisbane. My mum was very into the "shabby chic" scene. Everything from Laura Ashley to green and pink Nally Ware. Mum was particular and only purchased pieces that jumped out and said something to her. I remember sometimes walking the aisles of these shops for hours while my Ma made up her mind over which Vintage treasure to take home. The thrill and excitement of finding a rare treasure or something you had been dreaming of finding was overwhelming. Even today just walking into a thrift store and not knowing what you will find is somewhat addictive.

Just like my mum I have developed a keen eye and a keen interest in treasure hunting. These days you can always find me at markets, antique stores, thrift stores, nik nak shops, browsing on eBay, looking through a weekend shopper, knee deep in a garage sale or any kind of rockabilly shin-dig!

As my collection of things starts to grow I would love to share with you my findings. Even if only one person reads this blog I wont mind. It's something for me to invest my time in and express a passion of mine. So please  come with me and enjoy a trip down memory lane as I search high and low for vintage treasures.

All my love
Kate xxx

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