Friday, 27 January 2012

Raindrops and Raffia

I love my friends and spending time with them. I enjoy my job and do like going into the office. However I love a day all to myself to shop, sip coffee and browse ze shops. I decided to treat myself and go hunting for special treasures today despite the wet weather we are having in Brisbane. I slapped on my jeans and lace ups and hit the streets of Wynnum. When me and I my husband first moved in together we lived in Wynnum. It's a nice spot near the bayside with a thrift shop on just about every corner, no lie.

I find that these thrift stores are really picked over and you really have to look hard to find what you want. But it's all part of the thrill really isn't it! I had a look at all of the thrift stores and also a few second-hand furniture stores. They have heaps of clothing, shoes, bags, books and general brick-a-brack. They also had a cute shop with a retro diner style table setting, unfortunate for me it wasn't open but would love to go back and look. I found myself flitting around these stores really searching through everything, turning things over and pondering on what to purchase. When I go thrift shopping I don't like to spend over 10 dollars per item but I will go over that depending on quality and if it's a must have piece that has caught my eye. I have noticed some thrift stores do jack prices up for things that are rare or popular picks, other stores you can get beautiful things dirt cheap I guess it's a score when you find these shops. I did see some beautiful desert dishes but they were an incomplete set and they wanted 20 dollars. It's all about spending your money wisely but also letting your heart win by purchasing these beautiful items aswel. Give it time and you will learn to know what you like and what you don't. In the long run it will save you money and save you from too much clutter! (but we all love clutter:)

Back on subject... I did find the most adorable raffia bag. I was looking for a small green bag to go with a floral dress I purchased. I was looking through the salvos store at Wynnum, glancing up at the rows and rows of bags and a hint of color shone down on me and I spotted the cutest lil bag. It reminded me of the little Cain basket I used to have as a child. It has the most beautiful raffia flowers and buds. It may not be vintage but it caught my eye and I had to have it! I was 7 dollars which I think is a steal. It's very whimsical and reminds me of a spring garden. The little details on the flowers are so petite and feminine. I can't wait to take it out to our Mary Poppins musical on Sunday.

All my love
Kate xxx

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