Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kitschie Cute Fings

When I was little I had a shelf with all kinds of collectible ornament bears. I had ballerina bears, bears with honey jars, sailor bears, cute mum dad and bub bears. I loved them so! Mum would buy me a new one every time we visited the chemist. I love the thrill of collecting sets of things and things that talk to me. Looking back now I have no idea what happened to those bears but I do miss them and hope they still have a home and a shelf to sit on.I guess this may be where my love of ornaments comes into its own. There is something so peacefully beautiful about presenting your treasures on a shelf, in a hutch or cupboard. In my home I have my treasures on display in cabinets, bookshelves and shelves. I love to place little things in special places like a vintage teapot filled with flowers by the bedside table next too a tiny pink cat ornament. Or a teacup and saucer by my dressing table filled with lip gloss beside a pink vintage jewelery box! I find little things delight me more as you sort of forget they are there - you remember them and get excited again.

I have always been fond of elephants. I started collecting them when I was around 13 years of age and now I would own over 100 different kinds. Some are from junk shops or found in thrift stores. My dad recently went to Thailand and brought me back some beautiful ones. There is something so fun about an Elephant. Weather he is a traditional one or a whimsical looking one. They all look like they tell a story. They take me back to childhood - looking up at these massive animals they become a thing of wonder. Every time I look at an elephant I can see the kindness in their eyes. They are without a doubt a favorite animal of mine.

Lately I have been focusing on finding antique or kitsch looking elephants. I have found some very cute ones but given that they are ornaments after all they do come with cracks or chips. You really have to search among thrift shops to find these sorts of nick-knacks because they can be hidden amongst the brick-a-brac or in the baby section even with the booties and photo frames. My last shopping trip lead me to Wynnum where I visited a few thrift stores. I was able to find a really cute kitschie elephant that was hiding amongst the teacups. He was very different from any other Elephant I have in my collection. He was on a rocker similar to a rocking horse. He has a hole in his back I'm not sure if he is a vase or a holder of some sort as the hole is too wide for him to be an egg cup. He has the cutest pink, love heart shaped ears, two beautiful little eyes with 3 long lashes on each. His trunk is up so he is good luck too. He is a treasure and one of my favorites in the collection I have. He is stamped with Japan underneath.

When I first saw him I skipped by him but on closer inspection I had to have him! He was a steal at 2 dollars. A few teeny-tiny chips but in overall great condition. He resides not with my other elephants but in a little cabinet I have with all my favorite treasures. I will been on the hunt for more like him to add to my collection in the future.

All my Love
Kate xxx

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